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Raising Rare - Raising Rare EPISODE 2, 30th January 2021
Parents Lifting Heavy Cars …There Is No Other Choice

Parents Lifting Heavy Cars …There Is No Other Choice

My way is just one of millions of ways in which you can approach a rare diagnosis, you can approach creating a treatment. No one I right, no one is wrong. This is diversity.  Sanath Ramesh

 In Part 2 of our discussion with fellow podcaster and rare mom, Effie Parks, we compare and contrast the different approaches and styles that Sanath and Effie bring to the table for the rare disease community. As we have learned, Sanath likes to solve problems.  Effie brings a different strength – positive energy.

We discuss how life has prepared each of us for what we are doing today. We learn a little about the vastly different childhoods that Effie and Sanath had.  Each has uniquely shaped them to contribute their part to the larger rare community. 

The insight is that together we are stronger.   All our varied contributions serve to inspire others to keep going. 

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