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McKeown Q&A #3: Pandemic-Induced Resets, How to Actually Be Happy, The Best Breath Practice for Increasing HRV and Much More.
3rd December 2021 • Hanu HRV • HanuHRV (owned by Hanu Health, Inc)
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Jay and Patrick shift gears slightly to discuss resets of our bodies and minds during the pandemic, how to pursue and actually achieve happiness, increasing your self-awareness through breathing, and much more in this monthly Q&A episode!

In this episode, you'll hear:

-Thoughts on the pandemic causing us to "reset" our bodies and minds...01:15

-An advanced society doesn't always equate to advancement in the basics of life...06:58

-We all want to be happy, so why are so few people truly happy?...12:00

-The role of Co2 in our health...23:51

-Tips to increase one's self-awareness through breathing...51:34

-Question: What is the best breath practice for increasing HRV?...57:18

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