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39. Empathy is Everything, with Krystopher Scott
Episode 395th October 2020 • Gravity • Brett Kaufman
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Krystopher Scott (he/him/his) is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder and managing partner of Billion Or Bust Ventures, where their goal is to inspire a billion diverse businesses to become billion-dollar enterprises. He also co-founded Two Cent Sports, a sports media company aiming to tell sports stories and amplify the voices of athletes through the lens of Black culture.

What Brett asks:

  • [01:37] Can you take us back to your childhood?
  • [06:28] What was it like to be a child in your family unit and how did you feel about the lessons you picked up?
  • [13:31] How did you become so clear on who you were at such a young age?
  • [22:53] What was the silver lining in transitioning as late in life as you did?
  • [25:16] What has it been like going through the hardships of being underrepresented?
  • [31:56] What was it like to transition at the age of 26?
  • [35:23] What are you doing now?
  • [39:31] How do you see these emerging media in a way that isn’t beneficial for humanity?

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