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206. The Mindset You Need to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Company with SuperCoffee’s Jimmy DeCicco
Episode 20622nd February 2022 • the bossbabe podcast • bossbabe
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Jimmy DeCicco started Super Coffee with his brothers seven years ago. It’s now worth half-a-billion dollars. 

Let that sink in.

In this week’s episode of The BossBabe Podcast – Jimmy reveals exactly how he went from dorm room to boardroom with a wildly successful and delicious brand that has J. Lo, BossBabe and millions of Americans hooked. 

Tune in and hear the full story – from how he’s pitched at Whole Foods (their very first retailer!) to how he cultivated the resilience he needed to hold the vision for the company – without taking a paycheck for two years – and so much more.

If you’re looking for ways to find joy in your “to do” list, grow to the next level + hold the vision for your company – this is the hype-chat you need to hear. Listen now! 


  • The #1 thing that’s formed the culture at Super Coffee.
  • How Super Coffee broke the sales record in Whole Foods in just four hours.
  • The “Inch Wide, Mile Deep” concept that has allowed Super Coffee to scale past the competition.
  • How Jimmy went from $100,000 to $185 million in investment in 7 years
  • What it really means to prioritize self-care + why it matters for your business.



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