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Future-Proofing Your Sales Leadership with Anita Nielsen
Episode 9618th January 2023 • Transformed Sales • Wesleyne
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  • [01:03] - Getting into sales by accident to become the sales thought leader she is today.
  • [03:08] - How she applied her psychology training in improving her sales skills.
  • [05:10] - Hitting her quota while helping her fellow sales team members.
  • [10:55] - Experiences she had when she shifted into sales enablement and what successful sales enablement really looks like.
  • [16:37] - Why every sales leader should prioritize putting people in a job that aligns with who they are. 
  • [18:54] - Effectively dealing with toxic sales managers.
  • [24:05] - Beating the Bots: Sales success will follow those who focus on customer success.
  • [27:04] - The secret to getting customers for life.
  • [28:03] - Things that impacted how Anita shows up today in sales leadership. 

In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I interviewed the Owner and President of LDK Advisory Services, Anita Nielsen. Anita is a sales performance consultant, a well-respected industry thought leader and the bestselling author of “Beat the Bots: How Your Humanity Can Future-Proof Your Tech Sales Career.” Anita helps senior executive leaders elevate their sales teams to create high-performing sales cultures. Through her powerful Psyched2Sell Masterclass, Anita educates and empowers sales professionals to win bigger, better, and more, while creating customers for life. 

Anita is devoted to helping elevate women in sales and serves on the Boards for both The National Association for Women Sales Professionals and the Institute for Excellence in Sales’ Women in Sales Leadership Organization (WISL). She will talk about how sales leaders can use their essential human qualities to build a foundation for future sales success in an increasingly automated world and what it will take for sellers to remain relevant to their buyers. She will also dig into the psychology of selling and how you can apply basic psychology principles to prospect and sell more effectively. For that and so much more, stay tuned. It’s going to be a very resourceful 33-minute episode.


“People buy who you are before they buy what you sell” - Anita Nielsen

“You can’t help your salespeople grow if they aren’t absolutely convinced that you are in their corner” - Anita Nielsen

“If you’re a good sales leader then you’ll have another sales leader come sit with you” - Anita Nielsen

“Sales enablement has always been about giving a sales professional what they need to be able to have the right conversation, at the time, with the right people, in the most effective way that advances them in the sales process” - Anita Nielsen

“The only way that sales enablement can really be successful is if they have a true partnership” - Anita Nielsen

“Sales leaders have to be evolved enough to know that they have to put people in a job that aligns with who they are, what they stand for, and what their personality is” - Anita Nielsen

“Focus on who you are, what you stand for, and figure out how to take that and bring it to bare for your customer success and your success will follow” - Anita Nielsen

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