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Delivering on the Promises You Sold
Episode 18723rd February 2024 • Built to Last • Megan Huber
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Are you a coach or consultant already leading group coaching programs or ready to create more leverage in your business and start one?

In the past, coaching programs have been able to get away with the hype of marketing to sell their programs year after year. We all know the hype works!

But what about delivering on the promises sold? Where does the responsibility of the coach start and where does it end?

With the surge of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the online education and coaching space, it’s crucial to put measures in place to ensure you are in fact delivering on the promises sold.

I’m no expert in all things FTC, although I’m studying it and will keep you as informed as I am! What I can tell you is that changes are in fact upon us, especially in the categories of marketing and client delivery.

So let’s dive in with 6 key points that will position your brand as best in class in the category of client experience.

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03:26 Navigating Marketing Compliance with the FTC

04:24 Emphasizing Client Experience in Education Programs

05:35 The Critical Role of Data Tracking for Compliance

08:19 Ensuring Compliance with FTC Regulations

10:26 Six Key Elements for Program Success

15:24 Building Accountability Measures in Programs

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