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Game Jawns - Lantern Light Studios, LLC EPISODE 17, 5th February 2020
The Humongous Bone Episode

The Humongous Bone Episode

The Game Jawns crew are excited to be sitting down with two developers from the Cleveland based game company, Humongous Bone! Kent Engel and Adam Kalavsky chat with us about their game upbringing, schooling, throwing sharks, train jams, squading it up in FPS games, The Pedestrian, Virtual Reality, Half-Life: Alyx and more!     

Podcast Info:

Host: Mitch Cook @MCook2016

Co-host: Jack Forschner @JackForschner

Guest Podcasters: Kent Engel @KentEngel & Adam Kalavsky @adamkalavsky 

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Producer: Anthony Zoccola - @AnthonyZoccola

Audio Engineer: Steve Angello - @StephenAngello