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Total Recall - The Schwarzenegger Effect
Episode 511th November 2019 • An Alien in Hollywood - Ronald Shusett • Harry Duran
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  • 00:15 – Robin recalls the story of how she met Ron Shusett
  • 03:57 – Preproduction in Mexico City during the summer of 1989
  • 05:15 – Ron recounts a funny exchange with Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • 07:27 – Early days of set building
  • 09:52 – Special effects in Total Recall
  • 14:35 – Ron’s thoughts on the gratuitous violence in Total Recall
  • 18:20 – Ron recalls others attempting to throw him off the set
  • 26:12 – How Arnold stood up for Ron and prevented his firing
  • 27:58 – Making a spectacular film without CGI
  • 29:16 – Shooting a key scene in Total Recall
  • 33:23 – The inspiration behind the ‘Face on Mars’
  • 34:47 – Ron talks about the Total Recall remake
  • 37:55 – How Ron felt before the release of Total Recall
  • 39:50 – The premiere


“The people who finances it [Total Recall] hated it. It’s just that they didn’t want to lose working with Arnold.” (04:49)

“Anything that I felt strongly about, he [Verhoeven] would not try to force me to change.” (09:46)

“They tried to fire me on ‘Alien.’ They tried to fire me on ‘Total Recall.’ And they couldn’t on either case. I showed them that I would not use my power against them. I had a powerful connection with Arnold, but I would never put them in a position where Arnold’s on my side and he’s gonna overrule you. I wanted both parties.” (26:40)

“They were so talented; they could do effects that work today as good as any movie ever because they were so skilled at what they did. So, it gets down to if you have the right people, it’s much more important than any technology you’ve got.” (28:52)

“It seems like the idiots of the world conspire to stop people who have too much vision.” (32:56)


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