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Rambings VIII - College Class Failures, Let's Code, Gummy Bear, and Batman Titties
Episode 156th September 2022 • Caution Do Not Open • Thacker Broadcasting LLC
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WARNING: This episode contains an extremely loud portion at approximately 16:26 that lasts until 17:12. Please use caution when listening to this section.

In this episode, we discuss our college class failures (and near-failures) up to this point, Riley tells us about "pog-champ guy", and we discuss how our latest coding assignments were accomplished.

Jamie and Joey then fight about gummy bears, and we all get a certain song stuck in our heads. IT GETS A LITTLE LOUD, then Wes reveals some... interesting details.

Amber then joins the call, and we talk about how Grayson k*sses literally everyone. Ava also joins us for the chaos, where we discuss whether it's okay to name a child "null". Our geek kicks in and we wonder whether databases would have a fit with that name.

Jamie and Joey then argue about Batman titties on a Twitter timeline, and Wes reveals details about his "Hidden" folder.

This session was originally recorded on February 28, 2021.