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Pivot, Make Progress And Prosper, With Michael Bernoff
Episode 1584th May 2020 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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Roland Frasier talks with Results Coach, Marketer & Persuasion Expert Michael Bernoff about his experience and perspective during this Pandemic and economic slowdown. Bernoff's specialty is teaching communication skills that allow you to be stronger mentally, emotionally, and physically. It seems like a great time to get better at that, right?

Roland Frasier has been sharing a series of live Zoom calls with his Mastermind members on his Facebook page since the crisis began. Now would be a smart time to follow him there. For more from Michael Bernoff, check out our last (longer) episode with him here, and visit for his current programs. 

Today, Listen For

• How (more than ever) watching your language and perspective can hinder or help you to be an effective person.

• Pivoting suggestions for industries that are frozen (including martial arts, a yoga boutique, and restaurants).

• What he's doing with the three hours a day that he's 'gained' in lockdown (because he's not commuting or dining out).

• Where Michael is placing his focus right now. 

• How the Bernoffs are approaching 'lockdown' with 'Re-allocation of funds' at home.

• And more!

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Michaels' New Book

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