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Conversations for Change - Dolphin Kasper EPISODE 16, 20th October 2020
Episode #16 - Conversations for Change with Guest Elisse Miki
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Episode #16 - Conversations for Change with Guest Elisse Miki

In this episode, Dolphin Kasper speaks with Elisse Miki, Equine Therapist, Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator and Owner at Equilibria Therapeutics. They discuss working with people who are recovering from a wide variety of challenging conditions including Traumatic Brain Injuries (TMI), they talk about the science behind the effectiveness of animal assisted therapies and her journey from Kinesiologist, to massage therapist, to a certified Equine Therapy Practitioner and advocate for the amazing and effective therapy methods.

Have you ever wondered how horses could assist you in developing more confidence, self-awareness, emotional regulation, communication, and even leadership and professional development capacities? This podcast dives in and shares what Elisse has discovered along her journey. Elisse Miki created Equilibria Therapeutics to address the challenges faced by horses and humans through knowledge-based yet creative solutions. Its vision is to improve and rehabilitate the physical capacity, form, and function of both horses and humans alike, creating harmony within and outside of the body.

Join Dolphin and Elisse as they talk about how this incredible approach to healing and development can change lives and support people in achieving wellness and wholeness even in extreme case of injury and trauma.

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