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The Lone Ork Actual Play Podcast - Dean Bailey EPISODE 3, 27th July 2021
SotE: Episode 3 - Blockade
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SotE: Episode 3 - Blockade

Chapter 1; Episode 3;

Breaking out of the atmosphere of the planet, the former younglings are confronted by another problem. Blockading the planet is a Victory class Star Destroyer.  

With nowhere else to run, the Pouncing Tiger must fight its way past the the oncomming Tie-Fighters, surviving long enough for the Navi-Computer to plot a way into hyperspace, all the time keeping out of range of the Star-Destroyer

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Star Wars Force and Destiny Roleplaying Game and associated published material are copyrighted to fantasy Flight Games and can be purchased through Amazon.com

Wintersong - Melodic Celtic Fantasy by Alexander Nakarada

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Alien Invasion by Rafael Krux

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