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See Jesus in the Life of Abraham (Christophanies 2 of 7)
Episode 26616th November 2022 • Deeper Christian Podcast • NRJohnson (Nathan Johnson)
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Jesus is seen on every page of the Bible. He is the focus and foundation of the entire storyline of Scripture. We have called these glimpses of Jesus (specifically in the Old Testament) “Christophanies.”

In this episode, we examine the life of Abraham—specifically the sacrifice of his son Isaac—and show how it is a shadow and glimpse of the grand sacrifice of THE sacrificial lamb, Jesus Christ.

This special Christophany series is in partnership with Ellerslie’s Daily Thunder Podcast. In Daily Thunder, Nathan is teaching through a series called The Storyline of Scripture and then dives even deeper on this podcast to show one of his favorite Christophanies from that part of God’s Word.


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Deeper Christian Podcast • Episode 266

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