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How to Grow Your Business Like Amazon - The Four Cycles
Episode 24th March 2021 • How to Grow Your Business Like Amazon • Steve Anderson
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In the second installment of How to Grow Your Business Like Amazon, Steve discusses the four cycles driving Amazon to their overall level of success. Listen as Steve takes a deep dive into each specific cycle, highlighting their principles and why each exists within Amazon's culture.

The Four Cycles: Test, Build, Accelerate, Scale

While Steve plans to provides an in-depth analysis on each of the four cycles in future episodes, he shares an overarching understanding on the importance of each cycle and how without them, Amazon would never be the company it is today.


00:15 - Recapping the prior episode

01:38 - How the cycles group Amazon's 14 principles

02:10 - The Test Cycle

05:00 - Jeff Bezos' email to employees about stepping down as the company's CEO

07:45 - The Build Cycle

13:00 - The importance of understanding your "flywheel"

14:45 - The Accelerate Cycle

20:30 - The Scale Cycle

23:30 - Measure what matters, but question what's measured

26:20 - Each principle stands on its own, but also interacts with others

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