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107: Liz Fosslien – No Hard Feelings
1st December 2018 • Uphill Conversations • Tim Pecoraro
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In this episode, Tim has a conversation with Liz Fosslien, author and illustrator of No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotion at Work. Liz shares her journey of self-discovery, fulfillment and finding her ‘Forever’work. Fosslien brings a fresh perspective to those of us who want to embrace and feel our feelings.


  • Meet Liz
  • Dealing with the dream job not working out and how Liz moved beyond the disappointment
  • Going through a period of being upset and down
  • The value of reflection for discovery
  • Being an introvert
  • Her journey to discover her ‘FOREVER’ work + fulfillment
  • The power of little things and living in the present
  • Experiencing moments of delight in everything you do
  • The false dichotomy of emotion being on one side and reason on the other
  • Permission to feel emotions
  • The importance of building in the small habits that lead you to the goal that you want
  • The importance of increasing the chances to wake up great
  • The story of Liz and Mollie and how they started working together
  • The combo of illustration and neuroscience as a great first step
  • Emotions in the workplace
  • Using cookies as a means to have safe conversations
  • About the book,  No Hard Feelings
  • The gross feeling of envy
  • Instead of envy ask to learn and be taught
  • Really good on-boarding and ‘The Enterview’ (Enter + Interview)
  • How small actions send big signals
  • Feel your feelings + Be kind to yourself
  • Three things Liz is optimistic about over the next twelve months


No Hard Feelings by Liz Fosslien

Newsletter: Liz + Mollie

Blog: Liz + Mollie



Instagram: @lizandmollie

LinkedIn: in/liz-fosslien

Facebook: @lizfosslien

Twitter: @fosslien


Liz Fosslien is the author and illustrator of No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotion at Work. Her work has been featured by The Economist, The Financial Times, NPR, and CNN.

Liz spent the past three years designing and facilitating workshops that empowered executives at LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, BlackRock, and Nike to build cultures of belonging. Previously, she led product and community projects at Genius and ran statistical analyses at the aptly named Analysis Group. She starts each day by eating yogurt and reading abstracts from recently published academic papers.

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