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Bomber Bradbury – This Week in Politics
Episode 11726th May 2022 • Talkback Weeknights • Thane Kirby
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In this episode hosted by Thane Kirby, Bomber describes seriously Covid-impacted times, predicting not a recession, but a mass global depression:

The First Wave: Physical Health

The Second Wave: Economical Struggle

The Third Wave: the Psychological Trauma of it all

60% of NZ homeowners are re-mortgaging, there are rising mortgage rates but will house prices drop??

Various global supplies to New Zealand continue to be in shortage or delayed, local crime is on the rise as desperation, personal & family needs swell. A BIG FAT BOO to Food Inflation.

Which Government Party can really get this country on track? No party seems to be safe from media-bashing of some sort.

Lastly, why people are pushing back hard & done with the hypnotizing "BE KIND" mantra.

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