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Real Life Weight Loss - Corey Little EPISODE 16, 17th February 2020
A Big Mistake That’s Robbing You of Results [RANT!]
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A Big Mistake That’s Robbing You of Results [RANT!]

Today’s topic drives me nuts and straight-up makes me mad. 

It’s one of the biggest problems you’ll face when it comes to losing weight. And to make matters even worse … it’s everywhere. You can’t escape it.

It can rob you of results and will steal your peace of mind and enjoyment of the process. Even if you’re losing weight and making progress … this will make you feel like a total loser who is totally failing.

In today’s episode ...

> I explain this huge problem that makes me so angry

> Tell Dina’s story of losing 22lbs, getting rid of diabetes, yet being disappointed

> Pull back the curtain on the truth behind “Mt. Everest” bodies

> Give you 3 specific steps to lose weight, enjoy the process, and avoid this brutal mistake!

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