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Couple Collective - Emily Mieko Lewis & Julian A. Lewis II EPISODE 19, 25th November 2019
019: Just Em & Me with a season 2 recap
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019: Just Em & Me with a season 2 recap

On this episode of Couple Collective, Emily and I recap the second season of Couple Collective. Below I've highlighted what we discussed, so feel free to jump ahead (only on Spotify mobile):

  • (0:55) - Emily discusses her favorite parts of season 2
  • (08:20) - I discuss what I felt was missing from season 2 (mainly having more experts like Sean!) - let me know your thoughts
  • (09:25) - Em and I talk about where our relationship is and why we felt it was been great for us to have a longer engagement
  • (15:25) - We recap our feelings coming out of the last two weddings we attended
  • (18:18) - I want to thank you for listening and Emily for supporting me. Please send me your feedback on the podcast

This particular episode was recorded at my crib in Albany, after my in home consultation with StudioPod. If you are local to the Bay check them out; if not, but want editing love. help with your show notes or how to set up your in home studio, they can help you out too. As always, you can continue to engage beyond the podcast on the website www.couplecollective.com and via our social channels @couplecollective; I want to hear your stories and your feedback. If I’m bringing value, please subscribe and share with those that may pull value from this as well. If you find value in the idea behind Couple Collective, but feel I am missing the mark, please let me know what you would like to see and hear. Much Love!

Cover art by Laurie Berger (www.laurenjanestudio.com)