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Why Storage Units are a Great Investment
Episode 41729th July 2022 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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Did you know that self-storage units have proven to be safe investments even during economic downturns? Think about it. In a recession, people still need a place to store their stuff. People are also more likely to need a storage unit as they have to downsize. What Cayla has found in her most recent investment adventures is that self-storage units are one of the smartest and hottest things available for you right now as an investment.

So listen to this quick Mommy Millionaire Minute to get your wheels turning on more opportunities available for you to bring in more income.

You will learn:

  • [1:57] - Most people have access to more money than they think they do.
  • [3:01] - Where Cayla lives, the tenants have more rights than property owners and that’s one of the reasons she is focusing on different types of real estate.
  • [4:11] - Self Storage has consistently held its value during significant economic downturns.
  • [5:01] - There are no evictions.
  • [6:12] - Cayla shares some statistics.
  • [7:03] - DM Cayla “Self Storage” and she will let you know about some webinar opportunities coming up.
  • [8:19] - There is less income compared to multi-family investments.

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