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65. Jesse Garnier - Working Towards Your Own Freedom
Episode 651st July 2019 • University of Adversity • Lance W Essihos
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In this episode, Lance and Jesse Garnier talk about paving your own path toward personal freedom! Jesse places a huge emphasis on self-development and finds it vital for one to be not only successful, but fulfilled. 

Jesse Garnier is a Canadian Entrepreneur and Marketing Specialist based in Alberta. A former blue collar worker, Jesse found his way into network marketing when his jobs were not paying the bills for him and his family. In a little over a year since starting, Jesse had earned $600,000 in commissions and $3.5 million in sales. He built a team of over 650 people that he trains on a daily basis and teaches them how to build an online business. With an emphasis on self-development, he has invested over $100,000 in self-development training and courses alone in 2017. Jesse, his wife and two other partners went on to start the self-development company JGL (Just Grab Life) Productions with the goal of introducing life hacks and to bring awareness to a better way of life.

Jesse tells listeners: “Create your vision. If you don’t know where you want to go, then you’ll never end up there.”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How self-development is the root to a fulfilled life
  • The journey of transitioning from blue-collar to online entrepreneur
  • The opportunity and growth potential of network marketing

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