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E101: Optimizing, Automating, and Outsourcing Everything In Your Life And Business With Nicholas Sonnenberg
23rd February 2018 • Breakthrough Success • Marc Guberti
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Nicholas Sonnenberg is the co-founder of Leverage. His solution is to optimize, automate, and outsource everything in your life and business. He is serial entrepreneur with a passion for creating companies that disrupt the way people live. His personal mission is to help busy entrepreneurs and executives optimize their lives in a meaningful way and help them go from idea to execution in as few steps as possible. He also co-authored the book Idea To Execution.


Quotes To Remember:

“Outsourcing is just one way of getting something out of your plate.”

“I try to automate as much as possible.”

“When I say automation, it doesn’t mean that the whole process needs to be automated. Even if you can automate one step, that is still huge.”

“Fixing an error can take ten times longer than just doing it right the first time.”

“Get to the core of the problem and try to solve the core of the problem.”


What You’ll Learn:

  • Tips on finding the right employees for you
  • How to get more out of your talented employees
  • Know which tasks you should not delegate
  • Know things you should automate

Key Links From The Show:

Nick’s Site






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Recommended Books:

Idea to Execution by Ari Meisel and Nick Sonnenberg

The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

Wait by by Frank Partnoy


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