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The Success Ascent - Pat Mancuso EPISODE 7, 8th October 2020
Keep Auditioning for the Next Opportunity- Part 1
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Keep Auditioning for the Next Opportunity- Part 1

Nikki Ubaldini is an entrepreneur and owner of multiple business ventures with her husband Gary in Tampa, Florida. Nikki and Gary founded the Ubaldini Group, a Mega Agent Team as their initial journey into real estate. This is part 1 of our session with Nikki as she shared so much value, we had to break it into 2 sessions.

Before real estate, Nikki was a dancer in a Broadway-style venture. Having to constantly rehearse taught Nikki a foundational concept very early on, keep auditioning for the next opportunity and you will always be prepared. As an entrepreneur, she believes you can be good at more than one business opportunity at a time. Success is about tenacity. Tenacity is an important skill and there is no doubt Nikki is tenacious to her core.

Many entrepreneurs stop when they get rejected. Nikki shared when she got rejected it was not about being good enough, it was that she just didn’t fit into their model. 

Fundamental skills are necessary for success and learning is one of those skills. As a learning junkie, Nikki studied others who were succeeding and emulated them and their actions at a very high level. She would seek out those who were the best at what they did in their field and even shadow them at times.

The goal of reading a book or attending a seminar is to take just one idea and implement it in the next 7-14 days at a high level. This will then produce massive results. Don’t be afraid to implement new things and give them time to develop. The silliest thing we could ever do is change something because we are bored.  

Find a great coach who will force you to look at things from a different perspective and push you beyond your limits.

Here's What We Cover in This Episode:

  • You can be good at more than one business venture
  • Having the right people around you
  • Education is a fundamental key to being successful

Nikki's Book Recommendation:

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz

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