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Out of the Box with Camtasia
Episode 1146th April 2022 • The Visual Lounge • TechSmith Corporation
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Want to take your video editing skill to the next level (we’re talking ‘coloring outside the line' levels)?  Then this episode has your name on it.

Cristi Cotovan joins The Visual Lounge to take us through some of the ‘out of the box’ work he’s been doing on Camtasia.

Cristi is a video editor, educational content creator, developer, and Founder of Design Catchup and Graphicious. One of his superpowers is having a “visual brain,” and that certainly comes in handy in his line of work.

One of Cristi’s core focuses is Camtasia, which he uses to produce some advanced-level material that can only be described as “out of the box.”

Whether you’re just getting started in video creation or you’re further down the line, there’s something to be learned from Cristi’s approach to video making.

Learning points from the episode include:

  • What inspires Cristi to create “out of the box” videos
  • How Cristi’s background as a developer affects his approach to video creation
  • The role of constraints in video making
  • Cristi’s favorite feature to use in videos
  • Cristi’s approach to learning in Camtasia
  • Foundations everyone should know for video editing
  • Where Cristi draws inspiration for his Camtasia videos
  • When to stop tweaking a project

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