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Holistic Business Matters - Helen Harding EPISODE 30, 10th September 2020
Why do You Need a Holistic Business Recipe?
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Why do You Need a Holistic Business Recipe?

Marketing and business have a bad reputation with many therapists, coaches, and holistic health professionals. I know many of my clients feel it’s some sort of dark art and shy away from it. Online marketers making promises of building 6 figure businesses in 6 weeks – it’s total BS.

Get rich quick schemes and blueprints may work for the creator, but it doesn’t mean they’ll work for you. The designer may have found their way of building a successful business, but there’s no “one size fits all” approach.

What works for you will be completely different from what works for me, or the online expert claiming to have “the answer”. The constant barrage of “work longer, work harder, work faster, work better” just leads to frustration, disappointment, and forgotten dreams.

Instead of trying to conform to someone else’s formula, create your own recipe. One that works to your strengths, your values, and available resources.

You’re more likely to do the work because it’s tailored to you, and therefore, ultimately succeed. This is your business and you’re at the heart of it.

  • 02:44 Your Holistic Business Recipe
  • 04:00 Excerpt from the book
  • 06:07 Picking the right ingredients
  • 08:04 Are you prepared to do the work?
  • 09:02 New book launch

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