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Audio Branding - Jodi Krangle EPISODE 56, 9th December 2020
Interview with Life Coach & Shamanic Sound Healer, Kaye Doran - Part 1
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Interview with Life Coach & Shamanic Sound Healer, Kaye Doran - Part 1

This interview is unlike any other that I’ve had the opportunity to do and Kaye Doran brings such a fascinating take on life! She's an entrepreneur and is passionate about helping people create their greatest lives, from the inside out. She is both a life coach and a shaman, which creates such a unique take on healing - and specifically, healing with sound. I can’t wait to share this with you!

Tune in to hear:

  • Kaye’s background and how she jumped into the world of sound healing
  • The adverse effects to her beginning journey of her sound healing
  • The common sound of different emotions
  • Sound's continued influence
  • The purposes of sound healing instruments
  • Sound connection to the outside world
  • The different vibrations of different bowls and where it vibrates
  • The difference between the highest self and your inner self
  • How sound can release energy from the body
  • The different types of sounds that can come out during sound healing
  • Rewiring ourselves to let go of blocks
  • Feeling your feelings
  • Breathing into the blocks
  • How people respond to the work Kaye does
  • The types of people Kaye has worked with
  • How internal healing has helped her clients in conjunction with western medicine
  • Shamanic healing process
  • A walk through of what it can be like to be in a session with Kaye

If you want to follow Kaye Doran or find out more about what she has to offer, you can find her here:

Website: www.Kayedoran.com 

FB Page- Inner Expressions: https://www.facebook.com/Inner-Expressions-260662878197298 

FB Group- Rise and Shine Women: https://www.facebook.com/groups/340808953165931

This episode was very skillfully made to sound beautiful by the talented Humberto Franco (http://www.humbertofranco.com/).

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