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The Football History Dude - Sports History Network EPISODE 113, 22nd April 2020
Dick Vermeil Interview | Super Bowl Winning Head Coach
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Dick Vermeil Interview | Super Bowl Winning Head Coach

Dick Vermeil | Super Bowl Winning Coach

Coach Dick Vermeil is one of the most recognizable figures in NFL history. He was successful at every level of coaching in his career with a different approach to leadership than many of his counterparts. Coach won the Rose Bowl with UCLA, then took the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl (lost,) and then finally won it all with "The Greatest Show on Turf." He later finished his career with the Kansas City Chiefs. In between stints in the NFL, Coach Vermeil spent almost 15 years in broadcasting. He stops by the show to share many of his experiences, perspectives on what it takes to be a leader/coach, and even give us some words of wisdom. Oh yeah, he also has his own wine company now called Vermeil Wines.

Favorite Football Moments

Jimmy Grant - shares his favorite football moment regarding the Vermeil era and the Philadelphia Eagles

Gary Jarjoura - shares his favorite moment when he was able see his Miami Dolphins at their training facility and even took photos with their Lombardi's


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