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400 : Chris Green – Change your side hustle to a side business
5th August 2019 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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What’s an idea guy to do? He helps others. If you don’t know who Chris Green is, then get ready to meet one of the most giving guys I have ever met. Helps tons of people with no expected return. Tons of great ideas, very approachable and ready to help you grow your business.



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Here is transcript- It is automated so it is not perfect but it does seem to get better over time.

Chris:                                     [00:00:00]               My ideal, I kind of audience are military moms. That’s a very common one. Military bombs. Uh, and they have very specific needs. And I’ve talked to enough of them that I understand what those needs are. You know, typically they want to contribute to the family, but because of constant moving and relocation, it’s can be very difficult for them to find a job that they could, they can do because of the schedule. But when they hear about self publishing and hear about merchant by Amazon, they hear about FBA, they hear about, wait a minute, I don’t have to do a wholesale. I can actually just contact wholesalers and create buying lists that I can then sell to actual wholesalers. And I can do that from anywhere at any, like that’s the key. It’s when you understand what’s out there and you, and you’ve got to have a little confidence to plug yourself in. And then I typically take people to from 1.0 to a 2.0 you could certainly do any of these as a military mom. Two Point Oh uh, is to say, look, I’m going to help all the other military moms.

Cool voice guy:                  [00:00:57]               Welcome to the ecommerce momentum podcast where we focus on the people, the products, and the process of ecommerce selling. Today. Here’s your host, Steven Peterson.

Stephen:                             [00:01:10]               Hey, wanted to take a second and talk about Gaye Lisby and, Garry’s, Amazon seller tribe and their daily lists that are put out, um, and incredible stories that you can read if you go out and check out a amazing forward slash momentum hyphen arbitrage. I know that’s a lot to put in there. Amazing forward slash momentum dash Arbitron and you’re going to get 14 day free trial, no money risk, no, no challenges. You don’t want it when you’re done, you get out. But imagine getting list. I’m as grateful as like to call it mailbox money. I love that term. Mailbox money. It’s where you can work from your house, buy things online, have them deliver it to you, and then sell them on various marketplaces. But imagine you can have somebody else do that for you. So you want to buy time, you want to control what they’re buying.

Stephen:                             [00:02:07]               Well you take these lists and you can join multiple lists if you’re interested. And then you can segregate them for the merchandise you want and send them to them. They can make purchases for you on your behalf, have it delivered to you or delivered to them for prep. Boom, sent into these marketplaces and you could sell. How about that? Wouldn’t that be awesome? I spoke at their conference and there were so many million dollar sellers just using online arbitrage. It’s still available. And again, 14 days, the only way you’re going to get 14 day free trial. So if you come through my link, it is an affiliate link. They do pay me. So I don’t want to mislead you in any way. Um, I would appreciate it, but I’d like to see you try the 14 days. I’ve had so many people that have joined have so much success.

Stephen:                             [00:02:50]               It’s very exciting to me and you know, quite humbling to me, um, that they trust me to recommend this group and I 100% recommend this group. I’ve seen the results. These are great people that will also teach you to fish. This isn’t just a, hey, here’s the list. You’re on your own. No, this is, hey, here’s why that wasn’t a good deal. Or here, hey, there’s another opportunity and you get to join their groups. And it’s just a phenomenal group of people. Um, just great, great, uh, leaders in that group. And these lists are phenomenal. So again, it’s amazing., forward slash momentum, hyphen arbitrage, amazing., forward slash momentum hyphen arbitrage. Use that get two weeks free. Try it. You don’t like it, drop out, but give it a shot. If you want to add that to your business. Welcome back to the ECOMMERCE, but a podcast, this is episode 400 is that crazy?

Stephen:                             [00:03:43]               400 millions of downloads. I’ve been so fortunate. I’m so lucky and I get to spend my 400th episode with Chris Green. He’s my every hundred eight has it until he doesn’t want it. These aren’t, um, and in this episode, it’s crazy that we literally talked through how to create a business. We literally create a business. About my water bottle, my stinkin water bottle that’s sitting on my desk. I talk about it, probably many episodes. He creates a business and his mind, the way he thinks, the way he breaks it down it, it’s fascinating. I mean, it’s just so cool how he sees things that most of us Steve do not see. And I’m a noticer, but he’s a noticer cubed. I mean, it’s just phenomenal. Great, great episode. I’m just, just such a great guy. Let’s get into the podcast. All right. Welcome back to ecommerce momentum.

Stephen:                             [00:04:35]               It is episode 400. So who am I going to have on? Of course, every hundred. It’s Chris Green. Welcome back Chris. Great. It’s good to be here. Congratulations on 400 by the way, that that’s, that’s crazy. Like you must be busy. I did. You expect you would get the 400 now. But here’s two things that happened. Uh, one, this one happened yesterday and a, some visitors came by their warehouse and spent some time, uh, with us, my son and I, and we just sat there chatting with them, very inspiring couple. And he said afterwards, he said, hey, you know, you know, I’d love your podcast, whatever, but this particular you helped someone that related to, and I’m like, how did I help him? I, you know, he goes, no, I pointed him to one of your episodes. I’m really good one that I really loved. And he said, this helped this gentleman go, like push past whatever the challenges he was because whatever he was facing, this other person must’ve faced. And you know, I usually get to that point in the conversation and they said that that was very similar and it pushed him past that. How awesome is that listening to this other person, not me talking about that and push past this point of pretty serious discussion. Um, that’s gets me to episode a thousand. So I literally think about episode a thousand right now. I’m like, okay, what am I going to do for episode a thousand? It’s gonna have to be a big deal, you know, and I’m only a 400 so I love it.

Chris:                                     [00:05:58]               I do love it still. It’s a crazy accomplishment to get to 400. And I like the fact like what you’re explaining is that wait a minute, you can do something that you actually enjoy. And because of the Internet and technology and, and all this interconnected things that we have, you’re able to help other people remotely without your knowledge. Right. And sometimes that gets back to you, sometimes it doesn’t. Right,

Stephen:                             [00:06:18]               right. Nobody needs to tell me that, but it’s just so hard moving hearts,

Chris:                                     [00:06:23]               but great when it does come back. Yeah. Right. Yeah. That’s, that’s the point. It doesn’t always come back. Sometimes it’s years, sometimes you’ll never know. Um, but you know, it’s, if you don’t put out any type of content to help people, then, then those things won’t happen. And you know, you found something that, yeah, it’s fun and you’re good at it and it’s helping people. So yeah. You’re, you’re on the hook for a thousand episodes.

Stephen:                             [00:06:46]               There’s no doubt. Um, maybe 10,000. Um, you know, we were talking before in our precall we are probably chatting for way too long. Um, but we were talking about this very issue is about finding what you love and staying interested in that kind of thing. We were talking about different careers and stuff like that. What w you know, you’ve, you’ve evolved through this whole world. All right. I mean I think back to, you know, retail arbitrage, right? Um, and all the different books you’ve written, uh, merge, uh, since then, all these different things. How do you stay interested? I mean [inaudible] cause some people were like, wow man, Chris, if you would have given scam power, you’re all now I would argue you did give it your all at the time that that was your thing. Right? I’m not saying you’re not involved in it, but I’m just saying that was your thing way back. Retail arbitrage was your thing. Uh, so, and tools was your thing. You seem to segment, maybe it’s segment your life and you kind of let it run its course so then you move onto the next thing. I mean, is that, is that fair? When I say it that way,

Chris:                                     [00:07:45]               I don’t know if it’s compartmentalize exactly that way, but I might use, is it buttoned down by design? No, absolutely not by design, although then subconsciously, maybe by design, you know, uh, because I think you, you have to get, you have to put some years on, right. And I don’t know what the, you know, if it’s 30, 40, 50, whatever the number of years where you have enough time to look back on where you can actually kind of, you know, analyze yourself and kind of realize what you’re good at, right? Whether it’s yourself figuring out what you’re good at and what you enjoy, or it’s other people who are kind of constantly reminding you if they’re like, hey, you’re like really good at this, and you’re like, really? I never thought about that. Like, that takes time. When you’re like a teenager, you’re probably not going to figure that out.

Chris:                                     [00:08:27]               And as some people do, I’m not trying to make absolutes or anything. Uh, but you know, looking back, I can kind of find some common threads through all of the things that I’ve done and how I’ve applied that common thread to different scenarios. Whether I was working as a power tool sales rep and trying to do new things in that company or when you know, FBA comes out or when retail arbitrage as kind of like teaching, you know, retail arbitrage existed before I wrote books and, and started scan power and all these things. But when everything kind of happened, we’re like, Ooh, this is exciting and this is new and this is something everybody can do. And I do realize that I like to tell people about things, right? And there’s probably a little thread of, of people want to be liked. And for me it’s just, I just get excited about things and I want other people to be excited about things.

Chris:                                     [00:09:10]               So, you know, retail arbitrage became big, you know, for very specific reasons. I, iPhones and Android came out, four g networks came out, FBA came out and the app store came out, which means we could make an app where you could scan any barcode, get the data fast enough. And because of FBA you could buy half of the store and send it all to Amazon and not actually have to ship things out and made selling on Amazon, selling any products scalable and practical is probably a better word for it. So I was excited about that. But then you know, everybody, we did it and I’m like, well I want to do something else. Because I say looking back, I’ve done so many different things, but the common thread has always been like, where’s the opportunity here? Is there an arbitrage opportunity in terms of value?

Chris:                                     [00:09:56]               Should this value be put over here? Can we make some money, you know, in between. And I’m so glad that I was born when I was born because if I had to live in an age where like, hey, you can be a farmer or you can not be a farmer like in the factory, right. Putting it forward, barber back. Yeah, that’s it. That, you know, my brain will be going up a hundred miles an hour. Like, Oh, I wish we could do something else. But there was, you couldn’t do anything else. There was no practical practical thing that you could do. But now with the Internet, and I mean the print on demand stuff, not just merchant, when you start talking about books and other products that you can sell ahead of time, which is something I hope we get get into a little bit here. Uh, it means you can do so many things.

Chris:                                     [00:10:38]               You can test markets, you can basically front load your efforts with time. So you can say, Hey, I think there’s an opportunity here. I’m going to spend some time creating some designs or some files or some images that can be turned into products. If there’s that opportunity there. And if there’s not, then you’re not in it for money. You might be in it for some time, but everybody’s got time. And if you enjoy spending your time, say, Hey, I’m not going to watch TV tonight. I’m gonna spend three hours trying to create something that can be turned into a print on demand product and then it takes off. Now the money comes in and all you had to do was front load it with some time instead of what it used to be a buying inventory, waiting on shipments from China. Uh, you know, the liability and insurance issues and fulfillment and customer service.