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028: Mark Asquith - Autonomy, Brutal Authenticity & The Evolution of the Podcasting Industry
Episode 287th October 2022 • Mindful Money • Jonathan DeYoe
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Mark Asquith is one of the UK’s original podcasting experts, known primarily as ‘The British Podcast Guy.’ He is the Managing Director and co-founder of the podcast hosting analytics and monetization platform, Mark is known worldwide as an insightful, thought- provoking and actionable podcast industry keynote speaker.

Today, Jonathan and Mark discuss Mark’s funny relationship with money, the connection between brutal authenticity and success, and why Mark has remained steadfast with his definition of success. Mark speculates on the future of the podcasting industry and provides advice for anyone thinking of entering the space.

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Key Takeaways

00:57 – Jonathan introduces today’s guest, Mark Asquith, who joins the show to share his funny relationship with money, his professional journey and what led him to podcasting

11:19 – Launching his own digital agency and how Mark became known as ‘The British Podcast Guy’

15:05 – Why Mark’s definition of success has never changed

17:00 – Effective versus Efficient

21:15 – Mark provides his thoughts on the emergence of the podcast industry

27:14 – Speculating on the future of podcasting

32:02 – Encouraging others to start a podcast and building an audience

37:32 – One piece of podcasting advice to implement and one to avoid entirely

41:09 – What makes a great podcast host

43:58 – What came first: Brutal authenticity or success?

44:34 – The last thing Mark changed his mind about and one thing that he would like people to know about him

46:24 – Jonathan thanks Mark for joining the show and let’s listeners know where to connect with him

Tweetable Quotes

“I think the biggest lesson you can have in money is not having any. There’s only one thing that can really teach you about money and that’s when you’ve got just about enough of it, and sometimes not enough of it. That was just a lesson from my life from pretty early on.” (02:50)

“When I used to coach people, I would tell them, ‘When you’re building a business and when you’re doing something that you enjoy doing, you hold yourself to a standard that’s much higher.’ And so, when you give your perceived seventy percent you’re actually giving ninety-five percent of what anyone else would do because you hold yourself to a standard of excellence.” (12:38)

“If you love what you do, you never stop wanting to do the twelve hours. It’s just that you want to do your twelve hours, if that makes sense. The definition of success has really not changed. It’s a very strict thing for me.” (15:50)

“Podcasting became an industry when people like my mum understood that it was alright to get what you want when you want it as enabled by technology.” (21:29)

“The podcasting industry right now has a tendency to basically just say, ‘You shouldn’t start a podcast if you’re not gonna carry on with a podcast,’ which is complete rubbish. Yeah, there might be tens of thousands or millions of dead podcasts out there but who cares? There’s loads of dead YouTube channels. I can’t go watch Firefly anymore or Jericho on TV. That’s done, it’s finished. What am I gonna do? The Godfather hasn’t been remade. It’s done.” (33:17)

“The only way to succeed at anything is to be very good at it. That’s it. Money comes from being very good at something. And the only way you can become good at something is by becoming confident in that thing. And the only way you can become confident is to become competent in it. And the only way to become competent is for it to be the thing that you do all the time without needing to think about doing the thing. You’ve got to enjoy it. You’ve got to love it.” (36:59)

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