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What Should You Be Doing With Your Podcast During the Coronavirus Pandemic?
Episode 128th April 2020 • Podcast Monetization Secrets • Christy Haussler
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     In my experience producing over 300 podcast episodes each month, people are either fleeing the space and shutting down because they are scare (these are the folks who haven’t monetized, or whose monetization was for a now virtually defunct industry) or they are doubling down and stepping up in a huge way to serve their audiences - so that means extra shows and bonus episodes.

  • Have you already monetized your show? If yes, figure out ways to get your most impactful content to your audience any way possible. Maybe it’s reducing the price a bit, or maybe it’s making a more automated and low touch version of your high ticket items. 
  • If you haven’t monetized your show yet - it’s time to get on the fast track. What can you easily create that will serve your clients the most?
  •  For many it may be a group coaching programs
  • For some it could be starting an online support group
  • Maybe it’s creating courses or webinars

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room:

Should you really be selling things to people during a global pandemic when so many people are out of work?

Many podcasters have legitimate money blocks. This affected you before Coronavirus. It will affect you after corona virus. Now is the time to deal with it. 

  • You can now see in hindsight, that having a good portion of your business online will help “crisis proof your business”.
  • You have to realize that because of the shift in circumstances, everyone is re-evaluating their lives, their jobs, their finances and what’s truly important. It’s almost like an automatic recalibration of our values.
  • Excuses that your community members may have had before have now vanished as they have a new perspective.
  • If you truly believe that you can impact the world, then you must charge for your services and products in order to be sustainable enough to make a ding in the universe. You can’t do that by flaming out and getting stuck in free content creation mode.

Yes, it’s ok to sell during this crisis. But, it’s also ok to provide unprecedented value!

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