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David Rovics (Part 1 of 2: Boxes and Crucibles)
Episode 3613th June 2023 • All Your Days • James O'Brien
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Some songwriters, they yearn for a mantle — they strive for the political mark. David Rovics’ songs move musically in the way of the great protesters, singers and poets — the Seegers and the Guthries, Baez, early Dylan, the Anne Feenies and the Alix Olson. I’ve finally had a chance to talk with David. What I discovered, and what fills the next two episodes of this show, is an artist still at work on the specific and the topical and the positively protest-oriented, but I also found a person deeply embroiled in the new tides of the present. this is a story of protest, and of being protested, and it is a story of minds and souls that are searching for the paths that navigate both of those poles while staying in the light and, if were are lucky enough, offering some guiding point, some pinprick of illumination, to others.

Clips in this episode: 

  1. Henry Ford Was a Fascist (David Rovics, ‘Live at Club Passim’ - 2000)
  2. Who Would Jesus Bomb? (David Rovics, ‘The Commons’ - 2007)
  3. Hobo’s Lullabye (David Rovics, ‘Live at Club Passim’ - 2000)
  4. Make It So (David Rovics, ‘Make It So’ - 1996)
  5. Song for Eric (David Rovics, ‘Live at Club Passim’ - 2000)
  6. If I Die Tomorrow (David Rovics, ‘We Just Want the World’ - 1998)



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