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Uti Nwachukwu
8th August 2020 • The Unsullied with Oreka Godis • Eregbaro
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You’ve seen him in Nollywood movies, he’s spent 133 days in the Big Brother House, you follow him on social media and you think you know all there is to know about him already. Or do you?

We focus on relationships on this episode both romantic and platonic. How to be in it for the right reasons with the right person, learning from heartbreak and the brilliant things that happen when you understand yourself.


  • Uti’s current ask of his maker (00:08:14) 
  • Origin story: Water & Fire(00:09:24)
  • Miscarriage, birth control, dramatic pregnancy & the prophecy. Uti is not average (00:12:14)
  • A Naija father’s take on friendship, and how to help others (00:21:17)
  • Loyalty and betrayal is not just for the village people (00:22:48)
  • Star signs (Leo season) and animal archetypes (00:25:53)
  • Putting your personality on the backseat for the greater good of the relationship (00:31:42)
  • Confronting yourself is another rung to self actualisation (00:44:10)
  • Hulk Hogan, show me your power: the power struggle in relationships (00:44:56)
  • Being 11 and dropped off in boarding school (00:57:17) 
  • Uti as a 21 year old dish (01:00:57)
  • Uti is an entire meal (01:02:26)
  • Beware, the frequency of fear (01:04:12)
  • Whoever God has kept for you is supposed to add fire to the engine of your purpose (and vice versa) (01:12:26)
  • Uti’s inherent gift of intuition (01:13:17)
  • Learning about unhealthy love and addiction through withdrawal (01:15:47)
  • Mind over rumours: on being queer, rape allegations and surviving the Nigerian entertainment industry (01:21:17)
  • Spirituality is a journey (01:28:59)
  • Repurposing the debris of destruction to rebuild new structures (01:29:47)
  • Throw-in-the-tile! (intolerable friend circles) (01:35:10)
  • Books to read (01:41:37)

The Unsullied Book Club

Uti recommends: 

  • The Secret’ by Ronda Byrne. Available on: Amazon and Apple Books
  • The Genie Within: Your Subconscious Mind-How It Works and How to Use It’ by Harry W. Carpenter. Available on: Amazon and Apple Books
  • Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind’ by Joyce Mayer. Available on: Amazon and Apple Books


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