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TAP 165. Perfecting your real estate system. An interview with Derek Tye
Episode 16511th March 2020 • Top Agents Playbook • Ray Wood
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I love featuring interviews with authors.

Having the discipline, let alone, time to write a book is a skill I really admire.

It's not complicated... A good non-fiction, 'how to' book shares the essential knowledge promised on the cover.

My guest for this episode is author and Ohio agent Derek Tye.

There are two main reasons why Derek and his team are killing it in Cincinnati: The first reason is because they work a system (which is exactly what Derek's book is about) The second is because they have a plan and follow it.

In case you don't know, I never really prepare for my interviews. I used to when I started out but I quickly discovered I would go off-script because some shiny thing would always come up and there's where I like to go.

It's a little bit like being in a listing presentation and searching for some common ground. An old habit I guess.

Anyway, as you'll hear, Derek and I worked out that we're both Tony Robbins fans and he reminded me of a free test Tony offers online.

It's kind of a personality strengths and weaknesses assessment, or as it says on the website 'Understand your personality to get ahead in your career, to communicate better in your relationships and understand your personal patterns'

So I did the test and was kind of flattered with the summary. Especially this bit.  Check it out.  It says and I quote "You have the ability to persuade others, not with hype but rather with warmth, sincerity and understanding. This skill comes from the merging of your people skills along with the fact that you tend to be more modest when dealing with people"

Well I guess it could have been worse!

The test took me about 20 minutes and I'd like to suggest you try it. And what about this for an idea, if you're hiring, ask them to do the test and send you their results.

Here's the link. It's free!

I really enjoyed my call with Derek. His book? '7 Levers for Success in Selling Real Estate' went live in paperback and Kindle on Amazon last week.  The link and Derek's contact info is in the show notes.

Check out Derek's book

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