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Episode 390 – Lost my Phone Swapping a Song from an April Whine
Episode 39015th August 2022 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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(0:23) The boys talk fave podcasts, podcast apps, and the Podcast hosts that intimidate Sean.

(11:10) Posted on Mitch Lafon’s Facebook page, Brian Greenway from April Wine dropped a bomb. We discuss what he said and offer our own opinions on the statement. What controversial thing did their guitarist/vocalist Brian Greenway say. Is it songwriting to use someone else’s samples, riffs, fills, or runs in your songwriting?

(35:02) How did we do in And The Podcast Will Rock Poll? Who is coming back on their show in August? We talk Van Halen, Eric Senich and Kelsey Van Halen and having our faces melted off.

(43:31) What happened on our trip to Edmonton? And just why was this trip important? Here is a little insight into what is happening with our family and some of our struggles we are going through. What was it like not having a phone for a week? We talk cell phones and blocked reception in certain places. And just what happens when two parents get separated from each other in one of the largest malls in the world with one cell phone between them?

(1:00:43) Cable TV brings lots of swap shops, junk collectors, and collectible shops with it. What do we think about these types of shows?

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