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Leaning into your Authentic Leadership with Selena Wilson
Episode 118th May 2023 • Mission Megaphone • Growth Network Podcasts
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🔸In this episode, host Jenny Vazquez-Newsum connects with Selena Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of the East Oakland Youth Development Centre.

🔸Selena Wilson details her life growing up in East Oakland, home of the Black Panther run Oakland Community School, and how a strong sense of social justice has been engrained in her since youth.

🔸After spending much of her youth at the East Oakland Youth Development Centre, she found a full-circle divine purpose returning to EOYDC as their CEO, committed to offering alternatives to the diversity and inclusion industrial complex.

🔸Tune into this powerful episode to hear about Selena finding her voice, tapping into her leadership, and committing to her authenticity.

🔸And when you find inspiration, make sure to pass it on! 🔸

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