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An Inside Look into Sustainable Startups in the Electric Vehicle (EV) Space with Raven Hernandez
Episode 9811th July 2022 • The Capital Club • Brian Adams
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Raven Hernandez is the founder of Earth Rides, an all-electric rideshare app. Raven alongside her partner, Peter Smith launched Earth Rides in October 2020 in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee with a mission to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles while creating an ecosystem where healthy is cool.

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Key Highlights:

[00:01 - 20:11]  How an Ambitious Goal in the Electric Vehicle Space Came into Fruition

  • The motivation behind starting Earth Rides is caring for our health and connecting people to clean technology.
  • To maintain power and authority in a startup, it takes working with the right people who believe in the mission.
  • Raven shares how the company raised the initial capital through connections. The company ended up gaining profit by the sixth month. The company is growing quickly in Nashville and Austin and is looking to expand to other cities.

.[20:12 - 37:05]  The Evolution of Technology - The Way to Sustainability

  • Raven discusses the (OEM) Original Equipment Manufacturer space and updates on technology.
  • There is more than just rides - it is about the total experience wherein gas stations can be converted into top-notch functional spaces.
  • In the EV industry, the tipping point is not in sight as technology is always evolving.
  • Entrepreneurship requires constant learning. Know how to prioritize what to tackle first.

[37:06 - 45:05] Closing Segment

Work with people who believe in the company’s vision.

If you are interested in participating in the EV space, connect with Raven!

Key Quotes:

“How do you know how to pitch yourself? Well, it depends on what room are you in and you know, to know your core values, but to be able to expand upon them in different ways that are bringing about people together.” - Raven Hernandez

“We have to figure out the best way to, like, survive as a species on the resources that we have and do it in an efficient and like quality manner, you know, we can't continue to just do the same thing forever.” - Raven Hernandez

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