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Ep 44: Could Your Practice Use a Locum RVT Like The Yukon's Julie Kerr?
Episode 4420th July 2022 • The Veterinary Business Success Show • VetX International
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In today’s episode of The Veterinary Business Success Show, we’re joined by locum RVT Julie Kerr. 

Julie Kerr is a Registered Veterinary Technologist based in Whitehorse Yukon, licensed with British Columbia and Alberta VTA’s. She is an alumnus of Saskatchewan Polytechnic where she graduated in 2012 having successfully taken a two-year veterinary technology program. 

In this Episode, Julie speaks about her career as an RVT and why she decided to become a locum practitioner. She describes the challenges she experienced during her early years of practice.

If you have been interested in learning the strengths associated with being a veterinarian on locum terms, then this episode is for you. 

Episode Outline

  • [00:00] Intro
  • [01:04] Brendan starts the episode by asking Julie Kerr why she became a vet tech. 
  • [1:52] Did you always love animals?
  • [03:03] Brendan asks Julie whether she is an RVT or LVT.
  • [03:17] Julie explains how and why she decided to join SaaS.
  • [04:08] Julie responds to Brendan’s question on what she likes about Yukon.
  • [05:21] Julie describes Saskatchewan, the area she grew up in. 
  • [05:59] Julie describes her program in school.
  • [06:48] How did the client-patient mix differ from that of the work you do now in the Yukon?
  • [07:28] Are Yukon clients different from those in Saskatchewan?
  • [08:45] Julie explains how one gets a job as a Technician in the Yukon.
  • [10:02] Julie Kerr describes how she figured out who would pay her on locum.
  • [11:18] What does burnout feel like to you?
  • [15:11] Was there a period of time where you said where you got out of veterinary practice and so you weren't working as a technician?
  • [18:27] Ad break. Click here to learn more about our leadership program.
  • [19:43] Julie explains what happened after she set her working standards in her new role.
  • [26:53] Julie and Brendan discuss the experience of Julie working for six months in a musician-tour-like manner.
  • [27:53] Julie discusses the difficulty of being a locum RVT.
  • [29:49] Julie and Brendan discuss the networking strength of locum and customizing a website as her online resume.
  • [34:11] Julie gives advice to other RVTs who wish to follow her path.
  • [38:06] Outro.
  • [38:45] The episode wraps up.

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