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Embodiment - The importance of understanding the signs of your body and how it can help your mind
Episode 130th October 2022 • All the scattered pieces • Kathryn Asher
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Episode 1 - PILOT

This is the 1st Podcast in the series of the MIND BODY SOUL AVATAR and the EMBODIMENT 30 day course that I am currently working on and I am sending this out to you all in the hope that it will reach those that need to hear it and that can benefit from the feelings and intentions put in to this work.

The EMBODIMENT podcast in particular is taking a look at a 30 day course creation: AVATAR, that I am working on for those of you that either wish to work on self guided healing or those of you that can't get on to a 1 to 1 talk session with me due to scheduling issues (As mentioned, due to school schedules and time differences, I can now only offer afternoon sessions I do apologize) 

So, what is the EMBODIMENT COURSE?

The course looks at 30 days of YOU checking in to how your body is feeling. The course uses somatic psychotherapy tools and techniques to help guide you and provide you with the skills to help you understand your own body and how to respond to what it is telling you. In doing so, you start to piece back the disconnected parts of you to a more connected whole. 

Each day, there will be material for you to access that will provide you with the keys to unlock the topics that are laid bare for you to discover. 

There will be a daily video check in that will help guide you through each sequence of practice and there will be a variety of reading materials, daily prompts and a chance for you to record your feedback and log your findings. 

At the end of the 30 days, I would like you to submit your recorded work back to me and I will complete a final assessment, as will you, and we will see how you feel after the course has completed. 

Anyone registered on the course will receive my FREE 30 day gut health reset plan and can also contact me via WhatsApp to discuss the course at the end of each week. 

The course will likely be ready just in time for Christmas and I will keep you all updated on the creation and designs as I go but this podcast and the 1st in the series has a little explanation from me in to my background, how I healed myself and why it is important to reconnect to yourself. 

I hope you enjoy!