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The Kundalini Chronicles - Scott Bryant-Comstock EPISODE 29, 19th January 2021
Kundalini Chronicles – The Veil
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Kundalini Chronicles – The Veil

In this episode, Scott talks about our tendency to put a veil in front of our dreams, hopes, and aspirations. And that veil is the veil of doubt, insecurity, and feelings of being unworthy that exist in our minds. He shares some strategies to help you pull that veil to the side, thus making it possible to achieve your dreams of self-discovery, self-love, feelings of worth, and those intrinsic components of who we are. 

What You'll Learn

  • Discover the veil in your life or if there's none at all.
  • Determine the effects of the veil on your journey of self-discovery and the realizations of your dreams.
  • Useful tips to help you get rid of the veil and be free eventually.
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

“If there is no veil of doubt, insecurity, and feelings of being unworthy, then there's nothing that stops you from achieving your dreams.” - Scott Bryant-Comstock

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