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Episode 327th September 2013 • BikePortland Podcast • Pedaltown Media Inc
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This month our podcast producer and resident transportation wonk Lily Karabaic and BikePortland News Editor Michael Andersen sat down to talk about the intersection of real estate and bicycling (unfortunately, due to a slower-than-expected recovery from a bad spill Jonathan took on his road bike, he didn’t make it to this month’s recording session). As Michael’s Real Estate Beat column has proven, how we approach housing and commercial development can have a significant impact on our city and our transportation choices. And in Portland, bicycling is at the center of this issue as we try to achieve our ridership goals and spread the benefits of change equally across all communities and income levels.

In this month’s podcast, Michael and Lily touch on several topics including:

  • How the bike-friendly Green Zebra Grocery store is the future of 20-minute neighborhood retail;
  • The connection between Portland’s bike-friendly housing/neighborhood commercial development boom and economic equity;
  • Whether or not the presence of bikeways leads to higher retail sales and higher rents, and why studies that try to address the issue should be used with caution;
  • and more!

And of course we share a tip-of-the-month and Lily reads the best TriMet Tweets!




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