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Veteran Wealth Secrets - Scott R. Tucker EPISODE 14, 16th April 2021
014 - Military Transition is COMING for everyone!!! with CDR Jarrod H. Smith
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014 - Military Transition is COMING for everyone!!! with CDR Jarrod H. Smith

Today we will gain wisdom from CDR Jarrod H. Smith who’s creating the modern approach to military transition assistance through his amazing program in sending active-duty members back to society as healthy contributing members.


Episode Highlights:

  • 5:41- Veteran Wealth Secret definition of wealth.
  • 6:42- Service member's mission to transition out of uniform
  • 9:44- The three pillars of military life (health, status, and wealth)
  • 14:44- The major psychological change in military training
  • 15:32- The missing piece in military transition
  • 18:39 Issues in starting a business after retirement
  • 19:35- The Commissioned Officer's Guide program of Jarrod H. Smith
  • 20:11- The reality of veteran suicide crisis
  • 22:19- The commissioned officer's god turbo transition tool 

3 Key Points:

  1.  Focus on the big M-Mission, have structure and specific tasks that you should do to have slack and flexibility at the transition date.
  2. Setting up a business after retirement doesn't happen overnight. It takes time.
  3.  Be aware of civilian life to better relate to the community after retirement.


  •  “We all need to be ready to return to society to do great things and not get out there and ask for handouts.” -Jarrod H.Smith
  •  “No matter how much money, resources, time, and effort I put into this, if I can save one veteran's life, then it's a success.”- Jarrod H.Smith
  •  “I believe that it takes 5 years to set yourself up to get this right. If we have a structure, direction, and coach/god holding you to take care of your business throughout the military service then, we can send every active service duty member back to society to be a healthy contributing member.” - Jarrod H.Smith
  •   “Until we can get ourselves right and get right with our identities and who it is that we are as core beings without our rank and uniforms is going to be really, really hard.”- Jarrod H.Smith
  •   “We need to be real about the veteran suicide crisis, and I believe to the very depths of my being that it is a mixture of poor medical use during service that leads to poor health when we leave, and it's a part of not being financially prepared.”- Jarrod H.Smith
  •   “The most important thing a service member can do from a U.S. vet wealth perspective is recognizing today, right now, that they are in a mission to transition out of uniform.”- Jarrod H.Smith

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