Recruitment Amplified: Harnessing Employee Advocacy in the Talent Race
Episode 78th August 2023 • Masters of Comms • Transformative communication techniques, straight from the pros.
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Are you ready to supercharge your recruitment efforts and win the talent race? Masters of Comms is pleased to welcome Wendy Alexander, Talent Scout at POET. In this episode, we dive into the game-changing strategy of "Employee Advocacy" and how it can revolutionize your hiring process. We explore the power of tapping into your most valuable asset - your employees - to become your brand ambassadors.

Join us as we reveal the secrets of harnessing "Employee Advocacy" to skyrocket your brand's visibility and attract top-talent. Wendy reveals what she is doing to transform the recruitment game through this innovative approach.

Wendy advised us to read How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie and 12 Rules for Life - An Anecdote to Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson.

Episode summary:

0:59 Introduction of Wendy Alexander

2:16 Overview of POET

4:07 Challenge building a recruitment advacacy program

6:52 Encouraging employees to become Advocates

12:32 Aligning Employee Advocacy with Corporate Brand

16:29 Measuring the Success of Recruitment Advocacy

18:41 Wendy's 3 Key Recommendations

21:04 Wend's Book Suggestion