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Prayer 2021 - Pastor Robert Thibodeau EPISODE 255, 14th September 2021
Prayer 2021 - September 14 - Our Rights Under Prayer pt 10
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Prayer 2021 - September 14 - Our Rights Under Prayer pt 10

Scripture For Today:

 Acts 27:19

 “Fearing that we would be dashed against the rocks, they dropped four anchors from the stern and prayed for daylight.”

 Our Rights Under Prayer pt 10

We have been talking about our blood bought RIGHT to pray and to expect results.  I pray you are getting a lot out of this in-depth teaching on prayer. I know I am. Praise God!

God will bless you financially or with whatever “stuff” you need…If He said He would do something – and put it in writing – you can best believe He will live up to His end of the contract.  But it is just that – a contract.  Which means, “if you do this, I will do that.”  Are you holding up your end?

God said He would meet our needs.  He said He would Bless us…but with the Blessing comes persecutions.  As long as you are quiet and remaining “humble and poor,”  people have no problems with you… but when become vocal and Blessed  and prosperous – they start to talk about you…!

What I say is, “Let them talk!”  Praise God!  You are being a witness for Jesus! Amen!

Remember, whoever controls the money controls the world.  Look at the business culture in the US.  Look at what is being taught in schools….The companies that have the money control what is being taught in schools.  “Oh, brother Bob, I thought the government had control over that?”  Yes, they do…but who are the big donors to these politicians?  Look at the printing companies.  For the sake of the almighty dollar – you can see who is in love with money – they are the ones who compromise and print pornography, etc.

We are going to get into some exciting stuff now in these last few minutes.  We will be getting into some details that might make some of you mad…too bad!  You have to get everything we have been studying up to now – and use it as a solid foundation for all the different types of prayers will be studying soon.  The prayer of petition; prayer of supplication; prayer of intercession; prayer of healing, finances and blessings; prayers of binding and loosing, etc.

First, God’s Will is His Word.  You cannot have faith in anything you are asking and believing God for – if you do not know His Word or His Will.  “I don’t know if it’s God’s will to heal me, brother Bob.”  Well, if it’s not His will to heal you – why are fighting against God?  Why are you going to the doctor’s office and spending all that money?  Why don’t you just go lay down and die and be in God’s perfect will?  WHY??? Because you know it is not God’s will for you to die – that’s why you are trying to get well….but who are placing your faith in, God or Man?

If you did not believe in getting healed, you should not even take an aspirin when you have a headache!  Now, as silly as that sounds…it is the truth.  God sent Jesus to the cross to bear our sicknesses…and He took ALL of them.  There is no sickness or headache or stomach ache that He cannot remove from you – he bore them all in His body on the cross.

Let’s Pray! 

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