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Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever: Closed Mouths Don't Get Fed, Ya'll! How to Have Courageous Conversations w/Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever
Episode 1822nd March 2023 • Joyfully Black • Joy Dixon Paul
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Remember that phrase "A closed mouth doesn't get fed"? This episode is a prime example of how to communicate so you can stop feeling sick and tired and start blooming and thriving. Our guest is Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever, an award-winning author, policy expert, serial entrepreneur, and the go-to source for normalizing Black Success, Wealth, and Fulfillment.

In this episode, Dr Avis shares her entrepreneurship journey, how she celebrates and takes care of herself, how to have courageous conversations, and the power of saying “no,” and more.

What to Listen For:

  • Dr. Avis's journey from policy to entrepreneurship [02:05]   
  • The turning point in Dr. Avis's life that changed everything [05:06]
  • Do you take time to celebrate your wins? [07:56]
  • How Dr. Avis creates time to pause, reflect and celebrate her wins [10:45]
  • The essence of taking care of yourself [12:48]
  • Taking care of yourself as a mom [14:40]
  • How to have courageous conversations [16:14]
  • Who inspired Dr. Avis to take care of herself? [19:57]  
  • Where do women get it wrong when it comes to having courageous conversations? The rules of engagement [25:06]
  • It is okay to say “no” [31:02]
  • What nourishes Dr. Avis's soul so much that she creates space for it? [33:12]   
  • What can we expect from Dr. Avis next? [34:37]

Episode Quotables:

  • “Things can be lost or broken. But memories last forever.”
  • “One of the most powerful words in the English language is no. Use it liberally.”
  • “You must express what you want to get what you need.”
  • “If my cup isn’t filled, I cannot pour anything out for anybody else.”
  • “The nature of humanity is that we are interconnected. You are not meant to do
  • everything on your own.”
  • “Taking care of you puts you in the physical and mental space where you can become more creative.”

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