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279 | "Two Sides to Business Acquisitions" with Ian Paterson from Plurilock
Episode 2795th December 2023 • Failing to Success • Chad Kaleky
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✅ Business Fundamentals: Regardless of funding structure, focus on core business fundamentals. Whether venture-backed, bootstrapped, or publicly traded, creating value and building a sustainable business should remain the central goal.

✅ Private vs. Public Dynamics: Publicly traded companies face a different operational tempo and attention demand, with hundreds or thousands of individual investors. Success is evaluated in real-time, contrasting the delayed feedback of private companies.

✅ Acquisitions Insight: Acquisitions can be win-win situations. Sellers often receive advice portraying the market as purely efficiency-driven, but acquirers genuinely desire transaction success. Being on both sides of acquisitions provides a unique perspective on creating value for both parties.

Episode Summary:

In episode 279 with Ian L. Patterson, CEO of Plurilock, insights are shared on navigating the complexities of different funding structures, including venture-backed and publicly traded companies. The importance of focusing on business fundamentals irrespective of the funding model is emphasized. Ian highlights the distinctions in dynamics between private and public companies, stressing the significance of constant value creation. The discussion also delves into the unique experiences of acquisitions, debunking myths around market efficiency and shedding light on the collaborative nature of successful transactions. Ian shares valuable advice for entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of seeking guidance and being adaptable to different funding strategies.

00:00 Intro

00:08 Lessons from a Venture Backed Company

01:34 Understanding Business Fundamentals

02:26 Differences between Private and Public Companies

03:43 Experience with Acquisitions

06:49 Advice for Entrepreneurs

07:29 Introduction to Plurilock

09:04 Understanding PromptGuard

09:57 Contact Plurilock

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