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The Coaching Question - Gregor Findlay, Sarah Turner EPISODE 1, 17th November 2020
Selecting an executive coach - what's really important?
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Selecting an executive coach - what's really important?

In this podcast, we reflect on what we believe are the important things to consider when choosing an executive coach, and we dig a little deeper into what we feel really matters when selecting a coach to work with.

We identify five different criteria which, in our experience, are the things that any experienced coach would be able to demonstrate to a potential client. These are:

  • Achieving results and how to measure the return on investment of coaching;
  • The importance of continuous professional development and accreditation;
  • A coaches’ philosophy of coaching;
  • The role of supervision in the practice of coaching; and
  • References from previous clients.

Part of our conversation is sharing examples of how we co-create coaching conversations with our clients, check in with different stakeholders to ensure we are all aligned around the goals for the coaching and keeping HR connected with the process when working with organisations. Join us as we guide you through the process of finding a great coach to work with.

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