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SI61: Jim Simons & Renaissance Technologies
10th November 2019 • Top Traders Unplugged • Niels Kaastrup-Larsen
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In this week’s episode, we discuss the recently published book on Jim Simons & Renaissance Technologies, why you shouldn’t be too focused on one position, why it can be difficult to avoid overriding your system based on recent fundamentals, what investors can learn from the world’s best Poker players, and why luck should only be the result of following your edge.  Plenty of questions answered this week including: Should you add to winning positions?  Do you only trade Breakouts or do you also use indicators?  Does less volatility mean more robustness?  Do you trade ETFs?

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Episode TimeStamps:

00:00 – Intro

00:50 – Live event review

02:45 – Weekly review of performance

10:40-  Voicemail from Jim

13:20 – Top tweets

36:05 – Question 1: Matt; Do you use indicators beyond price action and new highs/lows?

42:00 – Questions 2/3: James; How do you calculate sample size? Does each lookback window need to be treated independently or should risk be managed in aggregate?

51:40 – Questions 4/5: Brian; Why are more volatile systems considered more robust? Does lower volatility lead to better compound returns?

01:06:40 – Question 6: Gaetano; Do you trade ETFs?

01:10:00 – Benchmark performance update

01:11:00-  Ray Dalio discussion