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Get Messy Podcast - Caylee Grey EPISODE 9, 12th March 2020
Real Life is What Makes Art with Johanna Clough
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Real Life is What Makes Art with Johanna Clough

"You’re putting your life into it so that’s what makes it something special. That’s what makes you appreciate it and other people as well. It really doesn’t matter what you use and it’s funny to say that because I make journals and I’m very passionate about it because I think what you use can inspire you and be a very, very powerful tool to keep you documenting. But at the same time, once you develop the habits and the style and you develop the passion for it, then it’s not going to bother you what you use." – Johanna Clough

Today in a historical first, I am interviewing Johanna Clough. It’s historical because it’s the first time I am interviewing her, but also the first podcast she has been on, which I am excited about because I am a hardcore Johanna fangirl. I love what she creates, who she is as a person, and the encouragement she brings to the art community.

Johanna is an absolute delight. This conversation that we had is an absolute delight. You are absolutely going to love it.


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