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The Bicycle w. David Herlihy
Episode 624th January 2023 • Riches and Power • Alex Doubet
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Imagine traveling before the wheel. Anywhere you wanted to go, you had to either walk, or be wealthy enough to afford an animal such as a horse that could take you there. Travel was slow, fraught with delay, and in the case of a horse, needed constant feeding. Living in a developed, wealthy country, it’s easy to forget that the car isn’t the only way to get around the world. The bicycle is a hidden workhorse of transportation worldwide, and its history is chock full of controversy, innovation, and some zany designs that may make you scratch your head. As recently as 2010 there were 2.5 bicycles made for every car manufactured worldwide… over 130M that year, alone. Out of all that chaos came the beautiful, efficient mode of transport that is the bike as we know it today.

Join us for a conversation with author and historian David Herlihy.




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