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155 - Rachio sprinkler controller review ; Flipp app for groceries, 22 sources to save AND a frozen food recall
Episode 15511th May 2016 • The SavingsAngel Show • Josh Elledge
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Rachio sprinkler controller review: Use smart wifi to control how you water, when, and ultimately how much you use on your lawn, all from your phone

PLUS: Take a look at the Flipp app for grocery ads and coupons

AND 22 sites and sources you can combine to save

AND a Frozen food recall you need to know about

SavingsAngel Show podcast Josh Elledge

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  • I’ve got a way to save 20-50% on the water you use to care for your lawn. I have an interview with someone from to explain how this smart device gives you better control - resulting in actually using less water for the same beautiful lawn. Don't miss this Rachio sprinkler controller review.
  • I’m also excited to introduce to you an app from They have ad scans of hundreds of local store ads, divided by zip code, and matched to coupons - so you can always compare store to store and get the best prices.
  • And, of course, I’ll wrap up with those 22 sites and sources I already promised. You’ll want to stay tuned for those, and see how many you already knew about… and how many you realized you could be using together.
  • And to wrap up, I’ll have a frozen food recall you should know about.
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