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Episode 56 - Marvel Cinematic Universe Review: Eternals
Episode 568th November 2021 • The Credible Nerds • The Credible Nerds
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The Credible Nerds are back in the MCU! Marc, Justin, and Kimball break down this Phase 4 MCU film: Eternals. We see more of the Celestials and learn more about their role in the MCU and how they are managing and cultivating the Universe and it's survival.

We are introduced to Eternals and Deviants and how they are involved in Earth's long history. We discuss the Eternal's mission and why they would deviate from that mission all because of the humans. We analyze how this film fits in to the broader MCU and does it do a good job of sticking with what we've seen so far?

Marc also brings up Les Miserables and how it can help explain a key moment in this film. We also discuss the two after credit scenes and how they could propel the story forward and how they connect to the broader MCU storyline.